Our team of developers have proven experience working with a variety of different software develop life cycle models, and posses the discretion and rigor required to choose the right approach at the right time to ensure the success of any software development project. 

As a web development company, SwizzMagik is on a path to become a leader in the web services and web development industry. Our project teams are driven to succeed by our unwaivering enthusiasm for technology, and our commitment to the satisfaction of our clients. We are able to provide top-notch services and products at extremely competitive rates because of our willingness to exceed customer requirements. 

Our team of web developers has over fifteen years of experience implementing custom line of business application integrating complex systems and processes. We have the talent and the tenacity to take on any challenge and deliver a winning solution. 

Our web development team utilizes various SDLC models depending on the project and the customer needs. Having worked in several different development frameworks, we have the flexibility to accomplish software engineering and web development projects faster and more efficiently than our competition. 

The company website is a central and critical element of any marketing endeavor, and we take the satisfaction of the business stakeholders as a primary objective. This is one area where we will not comprimise. Every business deserves to have a website that they can be proud of. 

Harnessing the power of computers to make lives easier is our mission, and we apply our skills to streamline organizational processes to save companies time and resources. 

  • Developers have over fifteen years experience in understanding customer requirements and translating them into system functional specifications 
  • Project management and implementation templates allow for a clear path from conception to completion 
  • Code unit testing and standards compliance allow our clients to know that our systems comply with industry best practices 
  • Experience in developing and integrate line-of-business applications without interruption to business processes 
  • Designing for scalability from the start allows our applications to grow with our customers 
  • Proven processes taken from the project management standards ensures our solutions arrive on schedule 

Along with these assets, it is our dedication to our core mission and values of helping business succeed online that drives us to deliver 

Business Systems 

Leverage our years of information technology experience to assist in the development of business systems that are aligned with the strategic initiatives of your organization.