With a diverse team of experienced professionals working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, we offer our expertise and knowledge on an as-needed basis. This flexibility allows clients to leverage our knowledge and pool of resources without incurring unneeded overhead. 

Being on the constantly-changing technology frontier allows us to offer services to clients who may not otherwise have access to advanced technology knowledge resources. 

Project Management  

Our experience in executing and managing countless information technology projects over the years has led to the development of the tools and techniques to deliver our project management as a consulting service to our customers. In addition to the tools and technologies we bring to table, we have a dedicated professional staff that is relentless and eager to ensure project milestones are never missed. 

  • Examples of the program and project management skills that we offer: 
    • Defining Project Scope of Work and Charter 
    • Identify Project Roles and Assign Responsibilities 
    • Hold Stakeholders Accountable for Commitments 
    • Utilize Best Practices from  Program Management Body of Knowledge 
    • Manage Resources and Perform Feasibility Studies 
    • Execute Risk Analysis Processes 
    • Assume Responsibility for Overall Project Objectives and Budget Goals 
    • Monitor Project Status in a Consistent and Visible Way