SwizzMagik is about finding the 'magik' in new technologies and delivering it to customers to provide real business value. Our passion for technology and commitment to customer satisfaction drives our success.  

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make the world a better place by building Software that Matters. We contribute to the greater good by providing solutions and support to organizations that are doing work to improve lives and change the world for the better.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become world renowned for our technical prowess as one of the leading providers of websites and web services that clients rely on for exemplary customer services and personal attention. 

Our Values 

  • Integrity - Be and live in truth 
  • Humility - Know you don't know  
  • Sacrifice - Give it up for the greater purpose 
  • Innovation - Create something new 
  • Perseverance - Fight through any challenge
  • Fun - Enjoy the wonder 

Our Goals 

  • Value - Competing with the big names in web design and website hosting is possible because we are a small organization. This allows us to offer lower prices, better value, and a more personal experience for our customers. In this way, we are able to beat most competitors offers.
  • Service - Our goal is to go the extra mile and exceed the expectations of our customers in all regards. Our customers are met with enthusiasm and optimism when dealing with difficult problems. We make sure not only do we address their concerns, but we will teach them how to protect themselves from future problems.
  • Problem Solving - Our specialty in creative problem solving allows our team of developers to constantly attack problems in a unique and original way. This allows us to provide an original experience for all of our customers, and encourages the creativity that drives our organization forward.